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Product ID: TRE36
Ditch Witch Trencher Rental 36" Tracks
Details of Rental Item
2,100 lbs
Dig Depth
Trench Width
Powered By
Vanguard 31 HP Gas
Width of machine
Track width
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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Trenching speed is aproximately 100 feet per hour but can vary greatly depending on soil conditions (faster in clean, light soil; slower where roots, rocks, and hard ground exists). Not for use in trenching across stone or paved driveways.
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The Ditch Witch CX30 trencher rental is the total solution for small contractors, electrical contractors, cable and telephone installers, and irrigation professionals. Reduced maintenance time and cost plays a big roll in the design. With durable steel shielding, a cost efficient reversible boom, an operator-presence system,
easy-to-learn and color-coded controls, and a park brake, these are the answer to your walk-behind trenching projects. Cut a 5.5" wide ditch. Trenchers are sometimes referred to as a Ditch Witch or DitchWitch or ditch digger or ditcher. Includes free rental of trench spoon clean out tool.
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