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32' Narrow Scissors Lift Rental - Battery Powered
Details of Rental Item
32' Narrow Scissors Lift
GS3232 Genie
Operating Weight
5,185 lbs
32" x 7'-5. Extended 10'-5
Platform Capacity
500 lbs
8, L, 32" W, 7'-10 H
Height Rails Folded
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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With a 38' working height 32" width this machine gets into tighter spots than our standard 42" wide scissors.
This is a specialty lift that extends 32ft on the footprint of a 20ft scissor for applications where space is limited. Keep in mind though that you can only drive the machine elevated to the height of about 20 ft or so. To get the lift to raise to the full 32 ft you need to lower it fully, park the machine in the correct spot to reach the above work area and hydraulically lower four outriggers that extend next to each wheel. Then you can fully raise to the 32ft. If you need to move you need lower it do the whole process again. This type lift is also referred to as a bucket, bucket truck, man lift, AWP aerial work platform, high reach lift or cherry picker or interior power lift or hi lift or high lift or person lift or sissors or working platform or Siserlift or sizzor lift or Sisccors lift
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