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Product ID: LIFSC20
20' Scissor Lift - Battery Powered
Details of Rental Item
20' Scissors Lift
2032ES Model
Opearing Weight
3610 lbs
30" x 91". Extended 126"
Platform Capacity
800 lbs
7'7 L, 32" W, 7'2" H
Height Rails Folded
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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Most popular size battery powered scissors lift, reliable and easy to operate lift with a built-in platform extension. For use on hard flat surfaces.

The JLG 2030ES electric scissor lifts are exceptionally mobile, letting you maneuver in tight worksites. Plus, they're productive and efficient, allowing maximum workspace for larger loads and more workers. These compact units easily pass through standard single or double doors. Solid nonmarking tires are standard. The platform is 32" x 80" with a built-in platform extension and the platform has a capacity of 800 lbs. This type lift is also referred to as a bucket, bucket truck, man lift, AWP aerial work platform, high reach lift or cherry picker or interior power lift or hi lift or high lift or person lift or sissors or working platform or Siserlift or sizzor lift or Sisccors lift
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