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Product ID: LAWRO24
Rent a Lawn Roller Packer, 24", PUSH ( Fill with water )
Details of Rental Item
Dry Weight
77 lbs
Walk Behind
Or Pull With Lawn Tractor
Weight With Water
244 lbs
Water Capacity
20 gallons
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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This roller gives you the choice to push it by hand to get into hard to reach areas or flip the tongue around and tow it with your riding mower.
The unique design of our lawn roller permits quick-flip handle/hitch conversion: Remove wing nuts and bolts, flip other way, and replace bolts to wing nuts. It's versatile so rollers can be hitched to tractors for larger expanses of lawn or flipped to push handle for maneuvering close to foundations, ornamentals and within confined spaces. Also known as a lawn packer or grass roller.
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