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Rent a Diamond Core Drill, Hand-Held, DRY DRILL
Details of Rental Item
Hand Held
Up to 5" bit
Dry Drill
Micro-Percussion System
Powered By
120 volt AC electric
Generator Requirements
3000 watt
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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This Cardi hand-held Micro-Percussion dry core drill rental is ideal for drilling small holes (under 5 inches in diameter) into concrete and stone without water.
Start drilling with the Percussion turned OFF to get bit started. Then twist collar to align red marks and begin drilling
A Concrete Vacuum or equivalent is required
This Cardi Three-speed hand-held core drill rental has an electronic clutch with a powerful 18 amp motor and a micro-percussion impact motion that allows regular diamond core bits to be used dry when hooking up to a vacuum. A vacuum is required to keep the dust away from the leading edge of the core bit. Sometimes referred to as a core rig, micro core drill, or coredrill.

It has a 5 inch bit capacity and we rent a variety of bit sizes. There is also a 12-inch extension available for deep drilling. Sometimes referred to as a cement drill, hammer drill, concrete drill or concrete boring tool or a concrete masonry hole saw or a concrete hole saw or coredrill or concrete hole drill or a wet core

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