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Product ID: JACBUC77
Buckingham Jack,77"-134",10 Ton, Post Only
Details of Rental Item
Post Lenght
77" to 134" (6.4 to 11.1 feet)
Stroke Length per lift
10 Tons
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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The Buckingham Jacking-Shoring Post extends quickly with pin holes every 4" on center. A rotating collar with pin holes fine-tunes the extension in 1" increments, while a threaded locking collar secures the load in place with infinite adjustment. **Two 5-ton jack cylinders do the lifting, and are extended with a hydraulic hand pump (Rented Separately:HYDRUALIC HAND PUMP ).** Precise lifting and weight readings are achieved by viewing the pressure gauge and using a conversion rate of 1000 lbs of hydraulic pressure = 1 ton of weight. Jacking with the posts can be done in 4" increments by resetting the pin for the next lift. When the desired height is reached and the threaded locking collar is tightened, the jack cylinders may be retracted and removed from the shoring post with the load safely and securely supported in exact position. also known as a pole jack, ceiling jack, screw jack
Buckingham Jacking-Shoring Post Rentals save time and money on virtually every job, as they are able to be quickly deployed and removed. These hydraulic shoring posts are commonly used in place of wood posts to support porch roofs and overhangs. When tunneling or excavating under buildings, they are perfect for shoring supports. Other uses of these hydraulic shoring posts include the stabilization of load-bearing points, saving the time and effort of building a crib pile. They can be used as temporary supports when replacing lifting steel with permanent supports or when replacing existing support beams. In addition, they are effective in horizontal spreading and bracing applications or placed on an angle for repairing out-of-plumb walls.
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